Who i am

I originate from Athens , Greece.
I studied dance and kinesiology in Brighton, UK ..
During my early professional steps I've worked as choreographer and director of artistic shows and concerts, for both TV and major festival events. My portfolio includes cooperations with all prominent Greek and global  artists: singers, composers and actors. That would include as well album covers and shooting concepts for renowned artists in many  countries .
I've early engaged to artistic photography and got inspired by traveling the world and shooting portraits and landscapes. At the same time, I took part to photographyworkshops and courses, in order to improve mainly my technical skills.
My work has been published on National Geographic magazine, has been featured at galleries, and photos and video installations I've created have been presented in exhibitions across the world ... Athens, Mykonos, Berlin, Miami,  Munich, Cologne, Hamburg,Tokyo  among others.

"each photography of mine is a confession. If it's not ... it's not mine.